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Optimum Food Combining for Better Health

Improper food combining is one of the primary factors that cause gas, flatulence, heartburn and upset

stomach. The resulting poor digestion can also contribute to malnutrition, even if you think you’re eating a good diet.

Proper Food Combining is very important for your health. Each type of food digests differently and they have a digestive secretion associated with them internally and when the combinations are not right for the correct secreted juices to break down those foods, we suffer from indigestion, toxic poisoning and many other illnesses. The challenge today is to educate yourself and begin to shift your diet back to a more simple healthy combination of food groups. Ones that don’t stress the body and allow maximum nutrients to be absorbed into the bloodstream.

Just shifting to a healthier food combining routine is a big step toward helping the body heal and detoxify.

There are two essential rules that need to be followed that will get you well on your way.

Always eat fruit on an empty stomach 30-60 minutes BEFORE consuming other foods.

Fruits take the least amount of time and energy to digest so it is fine to eat them before your main meal. Fruits mechanically break down in your stomach, but chemically, they don't break down until they reach the third and fourth stage of your digestive system, which are in your small intestine.

If you eat fruits after a meal it will ferment in your stomach and intestines. 

Do not mix concentrated proteins with concentrated starches at the same time.

Starches require an alkaline digestive medium to digest. Proteins require a very highly acidic enzyme pepsin in conjunction with hydrochloric acid. When you mix them both together – an acid-type of food and an alkaline – basic chemistry shows that they don't digest. They neutralize. And then the food is going through your body undigested. This is also why it's crucial not to eat dessert after a meal.

This combination can slow down the digestive system for hours (anywhere from

6 -14 hours) leaving food there to ferment which creates extra toxins in your system. This means, no bun with your hamburger, no meatballs if you have pasta, no potatoes with your meat, no dessert after your meal.

Here are some of the transit times for different foods that you can use as a guide to help you know when the food or liquid has moved on.

  • Water: 0-10 minutes
  • Juice: 15-30 minutes
  • Fruit: 30-60 minutes
  • Melons: 30-60 minutes
  • Most Vegetables: 1-2 hours
  • Grains and Beans: 1-2 hours
  • Dense Vegetable Protein: 2-3 hours
  • Cooked Meat and Fish: 3 – 4 hours +
  • Shellfish: 4-8 hours +

You can improve digestion by waiting until the previous food has exited the stomach and is being digested in the intestines. Wait the following amount of time between foods that don’t combine:

  • 2 hours after eating fruit
  • 3 hours after eating starches
  • 4 hours after eating protein

The following chart is a helpful tool but it doesn’t have to be taken to extreme, just remember the two main rules mentioned above.

My advice is to give yourself a week or two on optimum food combining and see how you feel. You’ll be pleasantly surprised if this is your first time. It doesn’t take long to see and feel the positive changes when digestion is improved.