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Healthy Weight Loss

I don’t believe in diets. Counting calories or eating pre-packaged diet program meals is no way to live your life. Healthy weight loss is about eating real nutritious food the way it was intended to be eaten.

Most of us were raised to think that if we ate less and exercised more, we could easily lose weight. No doubt we’ll continue to hear that it all comes down to calories and will-power. But the reality is, if you eat 1,500 calories of junk versus 1,500 calories of balanced nutrition, the messages your body receives are drastically different — no matter how much you exercise. 

I wholeheartedly believe that you can lose weight by doing it naturally without starving yourself, without eating food that doesn’t resemble food, without drugs or fad diets. 

When all the major body systems are in balance, we not only feel good, but our adrenal glands are able to protect us, our hormones relay their messages smoothly, our digestive system can adequately nourish us and we can efficiently get rid of or “detoxify” the things we don’t need. All of our systems depend on one another and if one is out of balance, the others can suffer, making weight loss a miserable battle.

Discovering if you have a systemic imbalance in your body may be the missing piece to your weight loss puzzle. Whether it’s hormonal imbalance, adrenal dysfunction, digestive, inflammatory or detoxification system imbalance, correcting it is key to natural and lasting weight loss — and to your overall health. Because once your body is restored to its natural balance, excess weight will come off.

Often food intolerances can be the hidden cause for weight gain. Different studies has shown that those who eliminated trigger foods based on food-specific IgG tests had reductions in weight, body mass index, waist and hip circumference and improvements in all indicators of quality of life that were measured. The quality of life indicators included physical and emotional wellbeing, mental health, social life, pain levels and vitality.

Just as supplying your body with the right raw materials helps weight loss efforts and benefits overall health and longevity, so does exercise – but there’s no need to knock yourself dead to get results. Exercise in any way that feels good to you. The most important thing is to exercise regularly so the metabolic rate stays healthy. 

Metabolism is a complex topic, which is why calorie counting and fad diets don’t work. But I truly believe that the base of a successful nutrition program needs to be eating real foods in balance. What happens in addition to that is unique to the person.

If you:

  • struggle with getting sucked into quick fixes and the yo-yo diet cycle
  • are tired of overwhelm, struggling with your food choices and want the confidence to get on with the rest of your life
  • are ready to improve your nutrition through strategic eating (not dieting),

then please contact me so I can create a real foods nutrition balanced plan for you in order to lose weight or to gain weight according to your health status and lifestyle.

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